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About us

granite outcrops Granite outcrops include many micro-habitats including relatively resource-rich aprons at their base. The local endemic Eucalyptus brevistylis is largely restricted to such sites.

The Climate Change Refugia Research Group is a group of scientists concerned about the potential impacts of impending climate change on the biodiversity of our planet. We believe that we can prevent some of the predicted extinctions by identifying and protecting refugia/safe havens (places that provide environmental diversity and stability, facilitating persistence as regional biotic and abiotic environments change). Our group is affiliated with the Curtin Biodiversity and Climate Institute and composed of scientists from numerous different organizations, including the Department of Environment and Conservation, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, Trent University, and University of Western Australia.

Our current focus are the granite outcrops of South-West Australia, which provide a range of microhabitats and some protection from droughts and fires. They are extremely old habitats that may have acted as refugia for millions of years. As part of this project we are looking for PhD students in various fields, including biogeography, community assembly, phylogenetics, population genetics and many others. We anticipate expanding considerably in scope (different refugia and disciplines), geographic area (countries other than Australia) and expertise (more scientists) in the near future.